⚠️This is the first operational version of the handbook, but it is still a work in progress and will be heavily updated during 2024!⚠️

The CLIMAAX project


The CLIMAAX project#

CLIMAte risk and vulnerability Assessment framework and toolboX (CLIMAAX) is a 4-year Horizon Europe project that provides financial, analytical, and practical support to improve regional climate and emergency risk management plans. CLIMAAX is designed to contribute to the harmonization and consolidation of the practice of climate risk assessment, leaving a legacy for upcoming European initiatives while turning the European Commission Climate Change Mission on Adaptation. The project started in January 2023 and runs until December 2026.

In a nutshell#

The European landscape of disaster risk management and climate adaptation is far from uniform.

CLIMAAX builds upon existing risk assessment frameworks, methods and tools, and promotes the use of datasets and service platforms for local and regional scale deployment. It develops a robust and coordinated framework of consistent, harmonised and comparable risk assessments.

The project takes the existing tools and services beyond the state-of-the-art by prioritizing the further development of accessibility, guidance, tuning to local contexts, interpretation and uptake by representative Disaster Risk Management and Civil Protection authorities.

CLIMAAX is designed to significantly contribute to the harmonization and consolidation of the practice of climate risk assessment (CRA) by providing:

  1. A standardized CRA framework built on current community experience and best-practices.

  2. A toolbox for conducting risk analyses, which hosts data, models and utilities and provides access to European and global open data archives integrated with local data and procedures.

  3. Five European pilot regional CRAs to shape the framework and toolset.

  4. Financial support for at least 50 regions to execute a context specific CRA.

  5. CRA guidance material and online helpdesk for other European regions.

  6. A proposal to upscale results into the future operationalization of the regional CRA support function.