⚠️This is the first operational version of the handbook, but it is still a work in progress and will be heavily updated during 2024!⚠️

CLIMAAX Handbook

CLIMAAX Handbook#

Introducing the CLIMAAX handbook - a dedicated guide for regions navigating the complexities of current and future climate risk. By providing a step-by-step framework and tools, the handbook aims to help regions understand what their climate risk is and inspire action. The motto of the handbook is ‘Standardised Flexibility’. By blending the two concepts, we created a wealth of material while allowing you to shape it to your requirements.

Our commitment goes beyond exploring new climate values. We aim to move from data to impacts across sectors, providing actionable guidance to stakeholders.


🏆 Practical Solutions

CLIMAAX goes beyond theory, offering practical solutions for real-world challenges. Our approach ensures that the insights gained through the handbook translate into tangible actions, fostering resilience and sustainability in your region.

🧭 Step-By-Step Guidance

Navigate your local context with ease using our handbook’s structured approach, featuring guiding questions and tips for a thorough risk assessment.

🤲 Accessible Knowledge

No advanced expertise required. CLIMAAX is dedicated to providing all the information you need, ensuring accessibility for everyone.

🎓 Adaptive Learning

Whether a beginner or expert, CLIMAAX adapts to your understanding. We’re committed to making climate risk assessment accessible to all levels of expertise.

🧠 Global-Local Integration

CLIMAAX seamlessly blends global expertise and data with your local insights for a comprehensive understanding of climate risks.

🛠️ Versatile Toolkit

The Swiss army knife of climate risk assessments, the CLIMAAX handbook is a one-stop-shop, packed with methods and data for all aspects of climate risk assessment

⚖️ Equity Emphasis

Social justice is woven into our framework, ensuring inclusivity and leaving no one behind in the face of climate risks.

✨ Financial Support

Join over 50 regions benefiting from financial support for personalized risk assessments. Explore opportunities for your region’s climate resilience.

🚀 Continuous Improvement

Beyond a tool, CLIMAAX is a journey. We’re dedicated to continuous learning and growth, ensuring our resources evolve with your needs.

Handbook structure

The handbook unfolds in a structured, step-by-step framework, guiding you through a complete climate risk assessment. Along the way, it provides climate risk analysis tools to address your specific questions and enhance your understanding. Go to the Framework description to start your process.


Obtain funding

Secure up to EUR 300,000 in funding, coupled with practical support by applying to our open call and become more climate resillient.
We extend an invitation to public bodies working on climate-related risk assessments and management plans, as well as non-profit organisations committed to addressing climate change impacts and community resilience.
More information see: https://climaax-call4regions.fundingbox.com/